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Rest peacefully, we’re here for you

We’ve been making mattresses in Grand Rapids, MI, for over 100 years. We’re a family business, and our team members are part of our extended family.

We’re not a start-up, our heritage goes back to 1889. We’re here today and will be here tomorrow to serve you. Through rigorous engineering, design, material sourcing and manufacturing standards, we’re committed to continually delivering excellence and superior value. And we stand behind our mattress with service; we’re here to support you.

Our factory is located in Grand Rapids, MI, on the western side of the state. We’re a thriving community along the Grand River among the soft rolling area farms. Grand Rapids has a long heritage in manufacturing, including furniture. We’re still home to leading furniture brands like Herman Miller, Steelcase, and smaller specialty businesses like our mattress company. More recently, our city has undergone amazing revitalization with top tier hospitals, tech businesses, innovative restaurants and craft breweries (Founders Brewery is a local brewery that’s grown big.)

Grand Rapids is known for its vigorous Dutch work ethic carried forward from the early settlers.  We share the same community roots of hard work, efficiency and craftsmanship.  So while we have modern technology and machines in our factory, we still rely on our team’s craftsmanship skills.  Machines help make things faster and easier, but machines cannot replace craftsmanship because a skilled worker can do certain things better than a machine.  We know this and that is why we balance what machines do, and what we can only best achieve with people.  Especially with people who have been perfecting their skills with decades of experience building beds.

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