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Better sleep with a foam-free, natural material mattress

We use natural fiber materials in our beds because natural is better.

Joy is our purpose

Our heritage of 128 years of mattress making expertise was applied to Joy. We sourced quality American wool, cotton, plant based materials, along with American steel springs, to hand craft a luxury quality bed in Grand Rapids, MI

We used our expertise to engineer these materials into an amazingly refreshing mattress – a high end mattress at an incredible value. The world of bedding is changing with this mattress.

Try Joy for 100 days risk free. 100% money back.









Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic keeping a clean and healthy sleeping environment without the use of chemicals. In fact, cotton farming is regulated by the USDA as a food crop, in addition to being annually renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Cotton is also more durable than foam and will hold its loft longer than foam, which will compress over time faster than cotton. We love to wear cotton and feel its softness on our skin, and we can even enjoy it inside our beds!



Similarly as cotton, wool has also been valued for thousands of years. Wool fibers have a textured surface that hold large amounts of air that serve as a year round comfort layer keeping you cool and dry as you sleep. Wool helps regulate your sleep and also helps wick away moisture as you're sleeping keeping you dry. When your body is able to sleep in a breathable bed that’s cool and dry, you’re able to sleep deeper, longer and awake feeling stronger and more alert.

Plant Fibers

Plant Fibers

Plants are amazing in so many ways. They nourish our bodies, are used as building materials, clothes, decorations, medicines, and more. In our company, we use them to provide a natural layer of fire protection. Without chemicals, we engineered a plant based woven layer providing a safe, fire resistant mattress. And because it is plant based, it’s also breathable and adds to your sleeping comfort.

Natural sleep is better sleep

Mother Nature's amazing fibers allow air to breathe and flow throughout, removing excess body heat and pulling moisture away to keep you fresh, dry and cool when you're sleeping.

100 night trial

100 night trial, easy free returns, 10 year warranty. Try Joy in your own home for 100 nights. If you change your mind we’ll give you a full refund. Joy comes with a 10 year warranty, and our 100 year heritage.

Free, Fast UPS
Shipping & Easy Set Up

Joy ships to you in a box in 3-5 days! We use a new method compressing the mattress into a box for faster shipping. Unseal the bed in your room of choice and watch it open in full

ready for a better night’s sleep?