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Your best sleep begins with nature.

Luxury mattresses handcrafted from all-natural materials.

Made with Natural MaterialsMade with Natural Materials


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Choose from 3 all-natural mattresses to find your fit


Joybed LX Firm Mattress
Comfortably firm, but not hard
Starting at $495


Joybed LXC Medium Mattress
The vegan alternative with your choice of firmness
Starting at $790


Joybed LXP Plush Mattress
Comforting luxury with your choice of firmness
Starting at $890

Sleep Naturally on a Joybed Mattress
Sleep Naturally

We build affordable, luxury beds from all-natural ingredients. No foam, no latex, no harsh chemicals. Our mattresses are handcrafted with high-quality resources right from the Earth.

Our luxury mattresses are made in Grand Rapids, MI using natural and organic cotton, Oregon and California wool, plant fibers, and American steel.


Try Joybeds in-home for 120 days.
Like it or return it.

5-Star Joybed Review
“The cotton and wool layers are extremely comfortable to sleep with, it’s a 5 star bed!”

Kyle S
Produced Naturally

Nature provides an abundance of premium materials, so why make beds from artificial materials and unnatural chemicals? Instead, each mattress is crafted by hand, out of cotton, wool, and plant fibers provided by our wonderful Earth.

These materials provide you with a healthier and more refreshing sleep. Cotton and wool are breathable, so they help you stay cooler, allowing deeper sleep. On top of that, our beds are biodegradable, ethically-conscious, and sustainable!

This means Joybeds are better for your well-being, the environment, AND a better night’s sleep!

Joybed Mattress Made from Nature




American cotton is a primary material in our Joybeds. The mattress cover is made with GOTS certified organic cotton, while the inside uses generous layers of batting. This lightweight, cloud-like fiber that is naturally hypoallergenic, recyclable, and biodegradable. It keeps your sleeping environment refreshing and chemical free.




Ethically sourced California and Oregon wool has an important role in Joybeds, wicking heat and moisture away from your body. It’s a soft and fluffy material that allows your mattress to breathe with you while you sleep. By keeping your bed cool and dry, it’ll provide you with a deeper night’s sleep.
Our wool goes through toxicology testing as US Davis and has the OEKO-Tex Standard 100 and Oregon Tilth certifications.

Plant Fibers

Plant Fibers


Joybeds are enriched with plant leaves and stem fibers from common farming crops like bean and potato plants. Woven into a tight fabric, these materials create a naturally fire-resistant mattress that meets all governmental fire protection standards.


Joybed Mattress Crafted Luxuriously
Crafted Luxuriously

We take pride in the handcrafted construction of our beds. While we utilize modern technology and machines in our factory, we still rely on our skilled craftsmen to ensure the quality of every Joybed, from organic mattress cover to inner coil.

To us, luxury is the care and consideration that goes into every detailed stitch and natural ingredient selected. It's the careful handcrafting, 128 years of industry experience, and ethically-sourced materials that inspire Joybed’s luxury feel.

“A satisfying sleeping experience that will help you (and your conscience) sleep easy.”
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"...they make great use of technological innovations, weaving plant fibers in different ways to create both support and comfort layers in this new-age mattress."
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"Shoppers seeking a more natural sleeping experience will love the affordable price that mattresses with comparable features will be difficult to match."
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" eco-friendly mattress that combines natural and organic materials with the robust support of strong, individually-pocketed coil springs."
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We are passionate about helping people get their best sleep. We believe people who sleep well experience more joy throughout their day. So we tapped on our knowledge as mattress industry veterans to spread that joy.

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5-Star Joybed Review
“I wanted an all natural mattress American made from a socially responsible local business, Joybed is that company”

Retired Chicago Fire Chief
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Natural sleep
is better sleep

Mother Nature's amazing fibers allow air to breathe and flow throughout, removing excess body heat and pulling moisture away to keep you fresh, dry and cool when you're sleeping.

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120 Night Trial

Try Joybeds in your own home for 120 nights. If you change your mind we'll give you an exchange or refund; see details. Plus, Joybeds come with a 10-year warranty, and our 100-year heritage.

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Joybeds ship to you in a box in 3-5 business days! We utilize the bed-in-a-box model to keep prices low. By selling direct to you, we save on retail overhead and pass those savings on to you!
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