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LXC Mattress

Joybed LXC

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Cotton layers breathe naturally for a vegan-friendly sleep

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Natural Materials
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Mother Nature

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120 Night Trial
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Quality, natural materials for a luxurious sleep experience

Our materials are from Mother Nature herself. No foam, latex, or chemicals. Handcrafted from the finest cotton, wool, and plant fibers, each natural material ensures you’ll get a better night’s sleep.

Joybed LX Mattress Layers Cutaway

See inside the Joybed LXC
Your choice of cushioning over firm support, enjoy vegan comfort.

First Layer - Organic Cotton Cover Lightweight Organic Cotton Cover

Brushed GOTS certified cover encapsulates the layers in a lightweight, gentle-to-touch material

Second Layer - Plant Fiber Fire Barrier Plant Fiber Fire Barrier

Breathable, flame-resistant plant fibers add protection without any chemical or synthetic additives

Third Layer - Breathable Cotton Breathable Cotton

Hypoallergenic cotton provides cushioned support, durability, and proper airflow

Fourth Layer - Individually Wrapped Coils Supportive Pocketed Coils

Individually wrapped coils conform to the curves of your body and provides proper spinal alignment

Organic Cover

A soft, brushed 100% organic cotton fabric covers the Joybed LXC. What makes our cover special is how we use only organic cotton and not a blend with polyester.

As you move your hand over the fabric, you’ll feel the gentle cotton under your fingers. Since it’s the part that you can touch, we made it 100% organic.


We source American cotton so you can sleep on soft, breathable natural fibers. Cotton is durable, comfortable, and naturally hypoallergenic, which helps keep a cool and clean sleep environment.

Each cover is made with GOTS Certified organic cotton and not blended with man-made materials for your best comfort.

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Plant Fibers

To meet federal fire safety certifications, we've added an all-natural plant fiber layer with flame-resistant properties. This layer is made from potato and bean plants, which are breathable and free of chemicals.

This fluffy plant-based layer is breathable and adds to your overall comfort & safety as you sleep.

The Benefits of Natural Materials

Natural Materials Benefit - Breathable Mattress

Natural Materials Benefit - Safe Mattress

Natural Materials Benefit - Sleeps Cool Mattress
Sleeps Cool

Natural Materials Benefit - Recyclable Mattress

Natural Materials Benefit - Wicks Moisture Mattress
Wicks Moisture

Natural Materials Benefit - Renewable Materials Mattress


Made with Natural MaterialsMade with Natural Materials


Joybeds 120 Night Trail120 Night Trial

120 Night

Joybed Free Fast ShippingJoybed Free Fast Shipping

Free Fast

Joybed Proudly Made in the USAJoybed Proudly Made in the USA

Made in
the USA


Sleep Cooler on Cotton

How did you sleep last night?  Heat and moisture can make your answer be; not so good.  A cool night's rest is essential to getting your deepest sleep.  Air flows through natural cotton fibers creating a cool mattress. Foam cannot replicate this. Foam restricts air, even with "enhanced technology" or added chemicals. Natural fibers are better. Your body can breathe, releasing heat and moisture as your body temperature cools. The perfect way to drift into a deep sleep.
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Grazing Sheep Background

Safe and handcrafted in the USA!
Premium Materials from American Suppliers.

100% Organic Cotton Cover

Organic Cotton Certification

The mattress cover is 100% organic cotton and NOT blended with man-made materials.

Soft, Natural Cotton

Cotton Purity Certification

American-sourced cotton softly contours and supports your body all night long.

Responsibly Renewable & Recyclable

Responsible, Renewable, Recyclable

Cotton & plants grow every year in a farming cycle, responsibly serving humanity. Every piece can be recycled into new uses.


Materials & Coils

Cover Material


SizeHeightWidthLengthShipping WeightShipping Box Dimensions
Twin 12" 38" 75" 65 lbs 16"L X 16"W X 41"H
Twin XL 12" 38" 80" 68 lbs 16"L X 16"W X 41"H
Full 12" 53" 75" 83 lbs 17"L X 17"W X 57"H
Queen 12" 60" 80" 101 lbs 17"L X 17"W X 65"H
King 12" 76" 80" 122 lbs 17"L X 17"W X 80"H
Cal King 12" 72" 84" 116 lbs 17"L X 17"W X 76"H

Measurements are approximate. Each mattress is built within a 1” tolerance of the specified dimensions. Please note that the coils can shift together when packed for shipping and will jostle back into place during normal unpacking & set up.

All the materials come from American suppliers. From the top down:

  • We start with a top layer of innovative plant fibers woven to provide fire protection, naturally. Without chemicals, potato and bean plants (leaves & stems) are woven into a layer creating a safe, fire resistant mattress. And because it’s plant based, it’s also breathable and adds to your sleeping comfort.
  • Next there are 2 cotton layers we source from a southern, family owned American supplier. Cotton fibers are naturally soft and breathable, allowing air to circulate around your body. The fiber’s superior structure helps wick away and release body moisture as you sleep. Your sleep is improved in a dry and comfortable environment which helps you sleep better and wake more rejuvenated in the morning – a key to a healthier life! Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic keeping a clean and healthy sleeping environment without the use of chemicals. In fact, cotton farming is regulated by the USDA as a food crop, in addition to being annually renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Cotton is also more durable than foam and will hold its loft longer than foam, which compresses faster than cotton over time.  Learn More About Cotton & Wool.
  • Underneath the 2 layers of soft cotton we then put a 3rd generous layer of cotton padding.  This layer is a cotton padding that's woven firmer and provides more support under the softer, conforming cotton layers above.
  • All of these natural comfort materials are supported by individually pocketed coils that contour to your body and provide proper support. There's also a double column of coils along the outer edges providing robust edge support so you can sit or rest comfortably all the way to the edge of the bed. They’re encased in a synthetic wrap, a rare use of man-made materials (less than .01% of the mattress by weight.) We even use a plant based glue to adhere certain materials in the spring system.

    The number of individually pocketed coils by size:
    • King 1054
    • Cal King 1023
    • Queen 850
    • Full 736
    • Twin XL 544
    • Twin 512

We chose an organic cotton cover to encase the mattress, so the surface you actually sleep on is organic. The organic cotton fabric we use is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

The cover is a sumptuously soft-to-the-touch 100% organic fabric woven in a brushed weave. Other mattress companies use organic cotton blended with polyester which is cheaper and easier to manufacture. They can be tricky with their marketing claiming they use organic cotton in their covers, which while technically true, misleads the fact that the cover is not 100% organic material, but instead an organic cotton and polyster blend. You can spot blended covers because they're stretchable when you pull a cover with your fingers.

This mattress is tested and certified to meet all federal and state fire protection standards. As a matter of fact, all mattresses sold in the United States must pass the same set of standards and receive the same certification, ours included.

What makes our mattress special is that we meet fire protection standards using all natural materials; wool, cotton, and a special fiber layer developed using the leaves and stems from bean and potato plants. With no chemicals or man-made materials, the natural fibers provide the requisite level of protection. And because they're natural, they'll also improve your sleeping comfort on the mattress by enhancing the breathable airflow through the bed!

Put your Joybed on any surface

Standard Bedframe Icon
Bed frames
Traditional Bedframe Icon
Traditional frames
Adjustable Base Icon
Adjustable bases
Platform Base Icon
Platform bases

Joybeds work great on any flat, sturdy foundation. You can put it on a platform bed, slats, box foundation, adjustable bed, or even the floor. See the warranty for more information.

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Shopping made easy
We know mattress shopping isn’t a walk in the park. With us, you can rest easy and know we’re taking care of you.

Free & Fast Shipping

Your Joybed is shipped right to your door for no extra cost in 5 business days.

120 night in-home trial

Try your Joybed right at home for 120 nights. Don’t love it? We’ll help you out with your exchange or return. Learn More

10 year warranty

Your Joybed is backed with a full 10 year warranty to protect your sleep investment. Learn More

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our Joybeds

1 Product Questions

Joybed mattresses are made with cotton and wool because those materials make better mattresses. The physical properties of natural fibers are just better than synthetics. In addition to being safe, non-toxic, renewable and recyclable, natural mattresses help you sleep cooler and more comfortably.

We ship for free to the lower 48 states. Customers in AK and HI can call us for a quote.

Mattresses and foundations ship out in 1 to 2 business days with UPS or similar delivery companies, and they deliver to your front door in 3 to 5 business days for most zip codes. Linens and bedding will ship and arrive separately.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - Let's start with that!

When your mattress arrives, you can try it for 120 nights in your own home. A long trial period allows your body to adjust to a new bed and really make sure this bed is right for you.

And if you're not completely happy with your Joybed, no problem! Your purchase is eligible for a free exchange to a more comfortable model. You’re also eligible for a full refund (less a $139 processing fee.) Give us a call and we’ll partner with you to find a local organized charity to donate your mattress. There are no charges for restocking or return pickups. You do not have to re-box or ship the mattress back to us. See Full Details.

Joybed mattresses have a full 10 year warranty:

You're protected for 10 years against defects. To learn more; Click Here

Joybed mattresses are tested and certified to meet all federal and state fire protection standards. As a matter of fact, all mattresses sold in the United States must pass the same set of standards and receive the same certification, ours included.

What makes our mattress special is that we meet fire protection standards using all-natural materials; cotton, wool, and a special fiber layer developed using bean and potato plants. With no chemicals or man-made materials, the natural fibers provide the requisite level of protection. And because they're natural, they'll also improve your sleeping comfort on the mattress by enhancing the breathable airflow through the bed!

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